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Certified Life & Mindset Coach, multi-awarded Language Educator for Excellence, Innovation, Creativity

Stella kopakaki

Master Degree holder in Education Politics, Policies and Administration, Creator of “See it differently” Teaching Method and a whole toolkit of “Mindful Learning-Teaching-Parenting” Coaching tools

In pursuit of new creative endeavors, Stella got excited to find that Coaching and Life Coaching can provide education with a host of tools, practices and techniques assisting in boosting self-esteem and general well-being. They help to set goals, plan, organise, prioritize successfully, select and expand talents, stay focused and committed. As a professional with academic advising, teaching, coaching, mentoring, examining and assessing experience, Stella can bring valuable contributions to your team and generally to your life.

Inspiration, creativity and determination are some of my foundations. Stella’s philosophy is that introducing fresh perspectives and new techniques allow teams, groups and individuals to evolve and grow. Her goal is to remain on the cutting-edge of advancements and help others grow as well.

In her career, Stella’s successes have stemmed from essential values, skills, and practices, including teaching, student and parent counseling, teacher training, coaching, mentoring and leading my own businesses. Stella has enhanced her motivation abilities and developed a reputation as a major contributor through communication, organisation and growth mindsets.

She is a collaborative team player who searches for opportunities to impart valuable insights. She is ready to go above and beyond to meet goals and ensure timely task completion. Kindness, reliability, trustworthiness, supportive and welcoming behaviors are essential characteristics of my attitude towards life.

As a Coach, Stella is able to facilitate positive and impacting outcomes, mainly in Education contexts where she mostly used the 8 Tensions Framework with students, teachers, parents for their personal, professional, and academic purposes.

LinkedIn.com: Stella Kopakaki

Location: Athens, Greece


🗣️: English / Greek

📧: stellakopakakicoaching@gmail.com

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