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What fuels your brain?

Natalie curates the free membership group Brain Fuel – supporting all ‘ideas people’ to carry out the deep reflective work necessary to produce their ideas’ output in the company of others on a similar journey and mindset. If you are writing a chapter of your thesis or dissertation, or corralling your ideas for your book, come and be enthused here.

Need more fuel?

We meet three times a month to write, read, think and plan. We work together in companionable silence for a stretch of time and then have a short break, chatting and having tea/coffee. Then we work again and so on. It is a wonderful way to get some bulk work done. You get the added bonus of feeling smug that at by mid morning you have done something productive and you feel energised for the whole day.

Brain Fuel Breakfasts cost £12 a month. Just drop in when your schedule allows.

The Coaching Psychology Pod

This podcast is brought to you by the Division of Coaching Psychology, part of the British Psychological Society. We unpack Coaching Psychology and will help you take a thoughtful and considered approach to your coaching practice.

Every month, host, Dr Natalie Lancer, Chartered Psychologist and Secretary of the Division of Coaching Psychology, brings you a conversation with a panel of selected experts where we talk about specialised coaching topics that will directly impact your work as a coach.
As you are listening, to find out more, head to the Division of Coaching Psychology’s webpage on the British Psychological Society’s website.

We would love to hear your thoughts and reflections on the podcast. Please email us at


Women Writing Socially in Academia

Dispatches from Writing Rooms

This book offers a multifaceted perspective on social writing in a volatile, uncertain and complex world. It meets the need to enable women’s capacity, especially in academic settings, to structure their own writing practice and that of others in the community. It expands current research on social writing beyond its core context in English-speaking countries to multilingual contexts from Portugal to Finland, identifying fruitful areas for interdisciplinary research, nexuses of social practice, and strategies for situated social learning through a feminist lens, bringing women from the margins to the centre. As the average woman academic with children is losing an hour of research and writing time every day in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact of which will be felt for decades, the book purposefully entwines these polyphonic voices to tell the story of a writing retreat as a space for leadership and empowerment.

Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring 

2nd Edition

Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring is an invaluable resource for professional coaches and mentors looking to enhance their practice, and for students of coaching and mentoring.

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