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Dr Megumi


PhD, Chartered Psychologist, Phenomenological-Existential Coach and Qualitative Researcher

Dr Megumi Fieldsend

My approach to coaching has four pillars:

  • Valuing my client’s personal experiences on their own terms;
  • Taking a non-binary and non-pathologising stance to human diversity;
  • Being with, rather than doing for my client;
  • Caring for, rather than curing my client;

and offering meaning-centred holistic coaching.

My mission is to help clients connect to their core values and turn their personal experiences into a deeper wisdom for their life.

Types of clients I work with:

I work with adult clients from diverse backgrounds and the areas of my work include: self and identity, life transition, life direction, work-life integration, stuckness, grief, and anxiety. I also support individuals who are experiencing ambiguous/non-death loss, such as childless not-by-choice.

The Eight Tensions® Framework:

Life is full of tensions: tensions within the self, between the self and others, or with a group of diverse individuals. Such tensions can also be accompanied by a sense of anxiety, ambiguity or loss. Existentially, sitting with tensions will illuminate personal values, beliefs, assumptions, and how a person sees the world. Conversely, tensions tap into sources of anxiety, and bring about self and relational awareness necessary to navigating life.

I use the Eight Tensions® Framework according to my clients’ needs, and by incorporating it into my approach, I can help my clients find their own directional clarities and make authentic choices at a particular time, in a particular context, for each particular client I work with.  


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I offer sessions in English and Japanese.

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