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jacqueline weeks

I am a Mental Fitness Coach supporting young people as they transition from education into the workplace.  Combining principles of existential psychology with a goal-focussed approach, I work with clients to achieve sustainable well-being which drives success in their career goals.  

Using the Eight Tensions® framework for exploration as part of an Early Careers onboarding process, allows young professionals to increase self-awareness and lay a foundation of mental skills for building resilience and self-belief in the workplace.

As well as being an Eight Tensions® Coach, I am a Certified Imagery Coach and Practitioner of Positive Intelligence. I hold a Master’s in Occupational Psychology and am in the process of becoming chartered as a Coaching Psychologist. With 15+ year’s experience in leadership and performance coaching, I bring a real sense of passion and purpose that reflects in the energy of the sessions and the attention to detail in the individual follow-up.

I am based in Leeds and am willing to travel for in-person work.  I also deliver sessions online and have self-guided programmes available via a coaching app.  


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You can always WhatsApp me on 07507 784 352 or directly email me on natalie@natalielancer.com

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