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Dr David


Chartered Coaching Psychologist.

Dr David o’Sullivan

Is retirement not quite what you expected? Feeling a disconnect? With longer lifespans, retirement can be a significant portion of your life. Wouldn’t you want it to be fulfilling? It might be time for a course correction.

David, a Chartered Coaching Psychologist, can help you navigate the unexpected challenges that can arise during retirement. He utilises the Eight Tensions® framework to address common roadblocks on your path to a better life.

These tensions include:

• Navigating sticking with the familiar with embracing new adventures.
• Staying true to yourself while integrating with new social circles.
• Balancing the focus on daily routines with pursuing future aspirations.

Using this comprehensive approach, you’ll gain the tools to overcome these tensions and “fine-tune the engine” of your retirement journey. Imagine approaching the inevitable ups and downs with greater ease and confidence.

Ready to craft a more fulfilling retirement? Schedule a consultation with David today. CoachingPsychDavid@icloud.com


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