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Langford Watts

Coaching Psychologist

cara langford watts

I specialise in ADHD and Autism coaching in the UK.  At the forefront of neurodivergent coaching, my experience in Autism and ADHD has enabled me to craft approaches that allow neurodivergent individuals to reach their potential.

I know there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, but I can help people reach their maximum potential and make positive changes with my sustained guidance and assistance. 

My systemic contextual coaching approach is a comprehensive exploration of every facet of your existence, encompassing life, mind, body, and environment. Within this framework, I employ a diverse array of approaches and techniques, tailored to guide you on your individual journey of personal growth and development.

At the heart of the systemic contextual approach lies the Eight-Tensions® coaching model, a crucial component for navigating inner conflicts, dilemmas, or the quest to find your place in the world. This model serves as a valuable tool, prompting self-reflection, fostering personal growth, and steering you towards a more authentic and meaningful life. Utilising the Eight Tensions® coaching model, I facilitate self-awareness and knowledge development, particularly addressing the barriers and challenges inherent in your unique neurodiverse experience.

As a neurodivergent, I promise that you can survive life and thrive. Throughout our coaching time together, I will support you to overcome obstacles and foster resilience so you can enjoy a fulfilling and authentic life.


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📧: cara@neurodirections.co.uk

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