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Smart Supervision AND DEVELOPMENT for Professional Coaches

Are you a coach looking to discuss your work and ideas with a like-minded community of practitioners whilst developing yourself? 

This is supervision plus.

An evidence-based, three month Personal and Professional Development Programme. It’s as much a self-development programme as supervision.

That’s why it’s smart.

Not only will you reflect on your coaching practice, challenges and ethical issues with a group of like-minded coaches, but you will learn to use an advanced existential psychological framework to explore your self, your time, your knowledge acquisition, your planning and processes, your work, your relationships, your motivation and your flow.
You can also choose to do a Personal-Professional Development Project. This could take the form of a personal reflection of your Smart Supervision & Development journey or writing an article or case study about one of the eight tensions used on yourself or a client. This might end up as something you publish on your LinkedIn, your website or in a peer-reviewed journal. You are welcome to take a more creative approach to the Personal-Professional Development Project.



Do more.

achieve more.

become more.

by working with Dr Natalie Lancer and a small group of driven individuals.



  • 90 Days hands on coaching
  • Fortnightly Live Sessions
  • Unlimited Additional 1:1 Support
  • Personalised Roadmap to Achieve Your Goals
  • Lifetime Access to Members Area & Updates
  • Fill In-the-blank Exercises to Challenge You to Up Your Game
  • Daily Accountability Structure
  • Unleash Your Fire
  • Build Bulletproof Confidence
  • Take Intentional Action

Ok, you have found a thing, an idea, a way of doing something, a framework. How do you get it out there and working for you?

NextQuest is for people who have something to say, perhaps as a result of postgraduate study or professional experience, and need help to bring it out into the world. They are on their Next Quest. The Next Big Thing.

NextQuest consists of 10 monthly 1.5 hour one-to-one coaching sessions with Dr Natalie Lancer.

We work together:

  • Locating where you are in your field
  • Working out what you stand for
  • Honing your message
  • Shaping your new way of being
  • Practising ‘next level’ behaviours
  • Delivering the goods multiple times
  • Fine-tuning
  • Reaching out to relevant people with platforms
  • Spreading the message
  • Leveraging your reach


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If you are a doctoral student, please visit our sister site

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“Natalie’s approach and coaching are dynamic and motivating, leaving you feeling energised!”
Christiana Kazakou, PhD Candidate Digital Arts & Technology, Plymouth University


“My coaching sessions with Natalie have been both inspiring and invigorating; I leave feeling like there’s nothing I cannot do!”


“Natalie has inspired me to look at my life with freshness and enthusiasm”

Dr Natalie Lancer’s Books

Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring – Amazon Bestseller 

    Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring 2nd Edition is an invaluable resource for professional coaches and mentors looking to enhance their practice, and for students of coaching and mentoring.

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    How To Unleash Your Fire, Build Bulletproof Confidence and Take Intentional Action

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    Do More. Achieve More. Become More.

    The Coaching Psychology Pod

    This podcast is brought to you by the Division of Coaching Psychology, part of the British Psychological Society. We unpack Coaching Psychology and will help you take a thoughtful and considered approach to your coaching practice.

    Every month, host, Dr Natalie Lancer, Chartered Psychologist and Chair of the Division of Coaching Psychology, brings you a conversation with a panel of selected experts where we talk about specialised coaching topics that will directly impact your work as a coach.
    As you are listening, to find out more, head to the Division of Coaching Psychology’s webpage on the British Psychological Society’s website.

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