US Applications

US college applications including student essays

Includes a face-to-face session in which we go through the application components for US colleges and discuss the student essays you must write.  Further guidance and support is then provided as you refine your essays.

Assistance researching US colleges

Advice and support in how to identify the US colleges that are the best ‘fit’ for you.

US interview preparation

Not all US colleges require an interview, but for those that do, we will discuss interview techniques, give a mock interview and give you feedback.  We then provide a follow-up interview.


Practising to take standardised tests

One-to-one tuition in the techniques for achieving good scores in the standardised tests required by all US colleges.


Identifying sources of financial aid

US colleges have different policies about financial aid and it can be difficult to understand what grants you may be entitled to. We explain all the options available to you.