Coaching in Education

I offer coaching sessions for students who need motivating or organising, in order to fulfil their potential in their studies.

Course Choice

(GCSE, A-level, College, University, Personal Development, Professional Development)
I can guide you with your subject and course choices, focussing on what you want to achieve in the long term, and how to maximise your chances of success. I will explore your talents, interests and choices with you whilst helping you to maintain focus. I can also help you apply for courses at university or elsewhere. I can facilitate you in ordering your ideas, acting as a sounding board to create winning personal statements, PhD proposals and applications.

Work Experience

Getting internships and jobs; Getting the most out of your internship; Career change; CVs and Covering letters, Interview and Assessment Day preparation.
At some point in your life, you will be required to have an interview. This can seem daunting at first, but by putting ourselves in the interviewer’s shoes we can begin to think about how you may answer these questions. We can reflect on your achievements, strengths and opinions and practise describing these in a suitable way.


We discuss whether you feel you have been studying efficiently and how this may be improved to maximise your success. We evaluate the effectiveness of your revision strategy has been effective. We reconsider your study routines and study space, checking that the ‘infrastructure of revision’ is in place. We devise a game plan, using material that you need to learn, perhaps using tools such as a realistic revision timetable. We explore how to get going and how to sustain momentum.

I can guide students…

mapping out what the student wants to achieve in terms of grades and careers

building up the student’s confidence

helping the student to meet deadlines

identifying and building upon skills

evaluating effectiveness of study skills and routines

breaking goals down into small chunks to avoid feeling overwhelmed


offering encouragement and reassurance, as well as holding the student accountable to achieve those goals by next session

giving the student the tools to be able to manage their own time and goal setting in this way on their own in the future

stimulating and motivating the student to come up with options, ideas and resources

challenging the student to see the bigger picture and different ways of looking at a situation

Coaching for Students

I have significant expertise of coaching in educational settings. If your organisation would like help designing a coaching programme for your students or to set up coaching sessions for students or staff, please get in touch.

Direct Help & Guidance

Students are also welcome to contact me directly to arrange coaching sessions. I can help you make changes in your study skills and routines, and help motivate you to engage in whatever your institution has to offer. I can guide you in taking the next steps in further study or your career


“Without Natalie’s support and help getting into university, I wouldn’t be where I am today – currently a student at the University of Birmingham.””

- Cara -