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August 2010

Oxbridge options?

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Guidance on UCAS, whatever your aims


Do you want to go to Oxbridge — or do you not have a clue where you want to go? Are you stuck on your personal statement or would you like to know which books to read to impress your prospective university?

Natalie Lancer can help with all these issues and more. She has been an assistant head for three years at a maintained school and has advised hundreds of students on their appli-cations. She is a graduate of Oxford, King’s College, Yale and Middlesex University and has taught in the private and maintained sector, so she has a wide range of experience. She is also author of Getting Into Oxford and Cambridge (Trotman).

Natalie will give individual, tailored advice on your personal statement. At a face-to-face, one-to-one session in Golders Green, you will come up with the first draft. This is followed by an email service to oversee re-drafting, finally emerging with a statement that is distinctively yours. Natalie can also provide mock interviews and subject mentoring (particularly helpful to give candidates the edge in competitive subjects such as medicine and law).

Workshops for parents are also available, to help them support their children’s studies at all levels and cope with any problems. Also on offer is career-change guidance. For Natalie’s blog, free advice on pre-paring a personal statement and more, visit